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! . >>> new accusations over yesterday's occupy demonstration in san francisco, the stories from protesters and police. >> a heart breaker today in detroit. the team lost the lead and dropped another game to the tigers. >> too high. >> and more pain that pump as gas prices reach a record high, how it is effecting more than just drivers. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am ken pritchett. >> i am heather holmes. >> members of the occupy moment in san francisco are leveling new accusations at police, stemming from yesterday's protest. ktvu's patty lee asked if the action were justified. >> reporter: san francisco police do not dispute the video but they said what is not known is what the protesters did before hand. >> reporter: this is video of san francisco police arresting protesters. it was shot by a filmmaker. >> the cops were hitting people with batons and shoving people and slamming people around. >>> the video is making its way around the web. what is not available is footage before this scene. >> the prote
to get publicize themselves and get more and more money, and serve the mayor of san francisco because this is -- i hear a lot that this is ethics commission mayor, women -- what is the other commission? and every other commission is a mayor's commission. and i'm really afraid also that this city hall is not going to so please reinstate ross mirkarimi,Ñér reinstate the dignity of the woman, reinstate the justice in san francisco. thank >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker#mj;c. >> hi. my name is jim and let me5zoñ bn by saying ross and elanea are we came to know ross as our supervisor and understood his intelligence, passion, and capacity to accomplish great things. all of us, human, and therefore noted p perfect. that brings us to the restorativei's justice issue tht ross supports, our da supports, supposedly everybody supports, theodoaç idea is that you're sud to acknowledge wrong-doing, you're supposed toúhlz apologiz, you're supposed to make amends to the injured party that are the goal is to return to societ and be fruitful and productive, and go forward. that's what
of the woman, reinstate the justice in san francisco. thank >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker#mj;c. >> hi. my name is jim and let me5zoñ bn by saying ross and elanea are we came to know ross as our supervisor and understood his intelligence, passion, and capacity to accomplish great things. all of us, human, and therefore noted p perfect. that brings us to the restorativei's justice issue tht ross supports, our da supports, supposedly everybody supports, theodoaç idea is that you're sud to acknowledge wrong-doing, you're supposed toúhlz apologiz, you're supposed to make amends to the injured party that are the goal is to return to societ and be fruitful and productive, and go forward. that's what we're asking5s)÷ yoo do for ross. we need him as our sheriff. obviously, from the comments eliana is very satisfied that he has made amends, and she has made it very clear how she wants this to go forward. so since we are all human, we all do make a mistakes. i'll repeat the quote that was given earlier, let he who is first without sin be first to cast the first stone. thank you
and moral of san francisco. we are here to convey the magnitude of our support for ross and the depth of our respect for a man who enjoyed months of scrutiny and humiliation. ross faced these circumstances with admirable dignity, optimism and fortitude. all attributes we want in our [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] create a model jail system that will do this city proud. how fitting that a star is the symbol of the sheriff's office. surrounded by a galaxy of supporters, ross is our star. let him shine. (applause) >> thank you. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, president chiu, honorable members of the city and county of san francisco board of supervisors. i had my rosery clothes on here because we are a week away from the board of supervisors meeting regarding the ousting or the possible ousting of sheriff ross mcarimi, an elected official here in the city and county of san francisco. while i recognize some of you as honorable, supervisors, there are a few of you that are lackies for the mayor. whether you want to recognize it or look at me or not and realize you're occupyin
and decent family man who has dedicated himself to serve the citizens of san francisco. he serves the people who can't speak out for themselves. he's a champion of reentry. he has a great understanding of the issues before us for realignment, and those coming out of jails, and prett prisons. we elected ross to do his job as sheriff. as a woman, he do not see how this interferes with his duties and responsibilities as sheriff. today, we really need to ask ourselves, if we want to continue to foster a cult ofuref taking our vote away in this city, why was no action taken for joanne hayes-white who hit her husband with a vase and then refused to pay child support to her young son. how can a million plus dollars be spent on this insanity when i work with kids who are on the corner, we have no funds for training and putting them into union positions? i think that you really need to ask yourself why mayor lee has come and taken our vote away. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> president chiu and supervisors, my name is paul, and i served for eight years on the san francisco
about people with mental illness. proposition 63 isuuÑ% the mentl right here in san francisco. people with mental illness have been suffering for a long time. proposition 63 was passed to have funds available for people with mental illness. and san francisco, the money for proposition 63 is not being spent right. that money is being abused and misused. and no one is paying attention to it at all. it is billions and billions of dollars that is going without use. and this board of supervisors, it is san francisco, you guys should be the first to know about it, to hear about it, to make sure that it is being implanted right. it is not. i am a very condition siewrm and a witness -- consumer and a witness on the forefront of different organizations, the community behavior health, the the mental health association, right here in san francisco. information, get on this case. look at prop 63, all your supervisors. i came up here to give it a fresh air because we're dealing with all this. you guys have a lot in front of you, but proposition 63 is very important. it is for people with s
this is not what he does as a sheriff. he does apam) lot more. he has done so much for san francisco. hard, for every minority, for him anymore. my son, who is going to be a lawyer soon, and he'sf disappointed. this is about justice. it's about doing the right thing. america. we don't want to see these things inlâsx america. if it was seen in iran i would say okay, these things happen. buÓb in america sometimes you be so unfair to me is noto&fo] fai. >> presiujqc"chiu: because there are so many folks in the room we have a board rule in the chamber thatíjé prohibits expression of support or opposition to statements. i'd like to ask you to respect to delay the hearing. next speaker. thank you. >> supervisor, my name is,-kpoy swarsman, thank you for listening to my comments today. i want you to read the charter provision very carefully. the language that defines official misconduct as bad conduct that violates laws related to a particular office or to all public offices. a charge of official misconduct must logically contain a description of a particular conduct or behavior, and a refe
. this is happening in every part of the country, such as the city that imfrom, south san francisco, and -- mayor, mr. vando with the police department and officer sad aki removed me out of our property illegally destroyed a small community building garden, organic shop, and a florist. we are not going to support this evil government, or your department. enough. we had -- with this that's happening. we are with you, mr. ross. we're going to support you. occupy south san francisco.com. thank you very much. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> good evening, everyone. my name is ernestin ernestine w. how can it be official misconduct when the man was not officially conducted into the city services. he was not sworn in, period. so therefore, you cannot stay it's officialut)a misconduct. violence. i was a direct victim of abuse and violence husband. i was holding my infant baby in my arms, and he shoved me. only because i woke him up for dinner. that's violence. how can you sit here and say a tug of the arm is violence. it's ridiculous. the man didn't beat her up. he didn't physically harm her,)y
, and i'm a retired medical social worker in county of san francisco and a licensed social worker in the state of california. between 1992 and 2003, i work for its jail medical service department of public health at 850 brian at san francisco general. i had compassionate release for dying inmates. all other sheriff michael hennessy. i'm respectfully asking you to reinstate ross mirkarimi as san francisco sheriff, to continue 32 years of rehabilitative programs initiated by sheriff hennessy, focusing on --mvfl redemption through education, mental treatment, diminution resid keeping the department of public health as the sole provider of medical service to9táÑ the incarcerated. rather than contracting them out to -- with knownt9"$ records of prisoners death and abuse, these services are('azÑ now at risk of being totallyn dimúkf totally . he reassured voters3$h/ that prisoner redemption shall remain the priority in city jails. >> president chiu: thank you. >> name is collette brown. i wanted to show justw4ju like e lady said about why we need our sheriff. and -- a death becau
look at the toll plaza. san francisco is at about 55 and warming up to the '70s in this afternoon. we are expecting some sunshine once this early morning fog clears out. we will be right back. >> the dow is up by 19 points this morning. it is at least positive, we will take that. positive gains are also seen for the nasdaq. we will check with our financial advisor rob black in a little bit. >> the commerce department says that retail sales rose just over 1 percent in september after a similar increase in august. the electronics and appliance sales rose 04 0.5% and auto sales jumped 1.3%. sales and cassations also rose 2.5% reflecting the higher prices we have at the paul. --pump. oakland and san jose are a penny a part at $4.60 and $4.59 a gallon. >> small raises that seniors are receding will help with their overall in come. -- do expected to warm to the mid '70s today with sunshine as well. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutt
name is pedro fernÁndez, a former san francisco policeman, seen lots of domestic violence in this my time, been a victim of domestic violence. if bruised from being grabbed a couple of myáj÷girlfriends would be released on probation. you guys are building the gallows. you have the hammers, you have the nail and the wood. it's on you. you are the pontius pilot of this scenariodu and mayor ed le has put you in an untenable position i wasn't want toaéypo , and i look around, i know there are a few of you running for spot to be in. but you have to measure the the crime against tw penalty. he was taken away from his family for seven months. seven months. publicly and privately, he's been villainized, and;í;>ñ cano. i can go on but the bottom line is this man has been dogged from day one. he has not been given his just due. a grab of the arm is wrong. he's apologized for that and paid a penalty for that and the bottom line is at the end of the day we elected him. he scored 20,000 more votes than the sitting mayor. before i close i want to say one more thing. nobody bothered in this p
 ussr in 1990 but it's still good and present here in san francisco and china, whereis(pvju ed lee has made 100 visits since he's beforehand. today, your job is to do one was a supervisor with you for votes as a sheriff in this your job is to cut him down from the cross and resurrectqç=kb hi. it's the only choice you have that's real. and if any one of you think that's not your choice, and you're going to be mayor next time, let me tell you something. the political machine in this city has already picked the next mayor and i regret to say it's not any one of you. this place will be under the chronicle examiner more times than you need. i thank you for your time. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. my name is satar -- president of -- international television. 24 hours broadcasting, we cover all war, we are against -- we support human rights for iran, we are support democratic for iran. 31 years ago i -- my television here, san francisco, at ktsf channel 26. now, we are the biggest persian television outside the country, and we cover all
in the history of san francisco politics. one individual. no official misconducl occurred while he was in office as sheriff. by his action, ed lee has suppressed my vote. i decided then to work to reinstate ross mirkarimi, to his elected office as sheriff. i have since become friends with both ross mirkarimi and elian eliana -- excuse me and their son, theo. they're a loving couple. i call on you to do the right thing and vote to reinstate ross mirkarimi. reinstate my vote. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, my name is ed cinchly. i live and vote in district 9. am very happy to have an excellent supervisor in district 9. last week, the elected delegates of service employees international union local 1021, which represents 13,000 workers here in san francisco, voted to ask you to vote to reinstate ross mirkarimi as sheriff. this is not an easy decision or discussion for us. many of us, including myself, have worked with domestic violence victims for most of our careers. i just retired after 18 years of working as social worker in the emergency room at san francisco genera
, came to san francisco from jordan and started a small corner store on polk street. he's someone that our neighborhood and our residents on polk street knew, had an enormous heart and great smile. ready to help those in need and someone who was very much a part of a wonderful and loving family and community. and all the best to his family. and i also have an in memoriam for bob [speaker not understood] who some of you may know, was a first generation san francisco an who married and raised four children here including community leader sam ladder. after graduating from u.c. berkeley and hastings law school, bob joined a family firm and became active in numerous civic organizations, particularly within the jewish community as well as on our san francisco human rights commission. he also had a love of politics and successfully ran the mccarthy campaign for the board of supervisors. and i know that he will be missed dearly by the community and his family. my third in memoriam is for gary cray who is known by many in the telegraph hill community, my district, as the filbert steps gard
test4q;z ms. keyser went into, adequately apprised is prohibited under san francisco's][e&- official misconduct law. at least if the official has limited experience playing the six degrees of kevin bacon does the mayor say any and all misconduct will result in someone being put on probation, even purely personal conduct totally unrelated to the performance of any of the official's actual duties? if so are ethics commissioners studley and han saying anything different from what commissioner rene said. is their new relationship requirements so diluted that it amounts to no requirements at all, exactly what mr. rene suggested. and if that is correct, does it not follow that all four commissioners are interpreting san francisco's official misconduct statute in a way that leaves it completely unconstitutionally vague. by making up rules of misconduct proceedings against ross as they went along, the ethics commission appears to have vield the city charter themselves by chersing an authority not;%.f-3 granted by the charter. they do not have my authority to take away my vote. reinstate -sta
in california. a look at the prices around the bay area show regular unleaded averaging 4.68. san francisco is 4.74. there is hope that relief on the way. the state approved the early release of winter blend fuel in an effort to help pump up california's gas supply and bring down prices. >>> in election news, voters are going to be polls around the bay area to cast early ballots in the upcoming election. early voting opened today in several counties around the state. this was the sustain morning in san francisco. beginning today, voters can also vote by mail. signed vote by mail applications must be submitted to the department of elections no later than october 30th. if you have not registered to vote, the deadline to do that is october 22nd. >>> president obama is right now flying to his next stop after a 24 hour fund raising trip to the bay area. he board air force one just a few hours ago at sfo. mr. obama faces new poll numbers today that shows that mitt romney now taking the lead. ally has a report on the president's time in san francisco. >> reporter: people lined up along the barricades o
lights at bay bridge patchy fog on the span headed into san francisco a bit of a delay for cash paying folks headed into the city many patchy fog bay bridge thick fog carquinez, same story with the richmond san rafael bridge most of the bridges with the exception of san mateo bridge experiencing fog. if you are headed out now drive times over the altamont pass highway 4 westbound and east shore commute into the bay bridge. >>> this morning, contra costa county deputies trying to figure out what led to a deadly double shooting that left a man and woman dead it happened in -- between pittsburg and antioch deputies arrived to find the man already dead and woman suffering from gunshot wounds paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she died. no word on their relationship or possible motive for the shootings. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's department and she will be live at 6:30. >>> 49er fan recovering from serious injuries after getting stabbed near candlestick park yesterday before the game investigators say two men approached a 27-year-old elk man headed to the game that lea
mirkarimi the suspended san francisco sheriff. the board of supervisors is voting on whether to remove him from office for good. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san francisco with more on what is at stake. good morning. >>> reporter: good morning. this case has played out for months at city hall and this decision a big deal because it could set the precedent for misconduct cases in the future. sheriff ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor relating to a domestic violence dispute that left his wife with a bruised arm on new year's eve. nine months later we could find out if he stays or if he goes for official misconduct. his wife eliana lopez showed her neighbor a bruised arm which you can see in this video after her husband grabbed her during an argument. mirkarimi was sentenced to three years' probation, fined and ordered to undergo counseling. he was also placed on unpaid leave by mayor ed lee. since then, mirkarimi has been fighting for his job. his attorney says that the marital incident has nothing to do with his role has sheriff and he was also voted in. mayor lee want
games. so far they've won one. the fans here in san francisco are feeling so good they are already talking about the next level. >> [ screaming ] >> we are going to the world series. >> reporter: no word on whether marco will be okay to play his hip was hurt when holly day slid into him -- holiday slid into him. the team leaves sfo late this morning they plan to meet at the ballpark take a bus to the airport to play game three tomorrow, matt cain will be pitching. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> when he stood up -- we need to win four games out of seven to take the series game three tomorrow night or tomorrow in st. louis at 1 p.m. our time cain starts. thursday 5:00 our time friday game five, 5:00 our time in st. louis. >>> today we will find out if san francisco is in the running to host an upcoming super bowl. nfl will decide if san francisco has a shot the plan would mean the 2016 or 2017 super bowl is played at the new stadium. is -- san francisco would host most of the events. the 1985 game was played at stanford stadium. abc 7 will carry the gamely thursday. 4:00 hourlong pre
for bob [speaker not understood] who some of you may know, was a first generation san francisco an who married and raised four children here including community leader sam ladder. after graduating from u.c. berkeley and hastings law school, bob joined a family firm and became active in numerous civic organizations, particularly within the jewish community as well as on our san francisco human rights commission. he also had a love of politics and successfully ran the mccarthy campaign for the board of supervisors. and i know that he will be missed dearly by the community and his family. my third in memoriam is for gary cray who is known by many in the telegraph hill community, my district, as the filbert steps gardner. gary tended to the gardens of the filbert steps, which is one of our city's great hidden treasures for more than three decades. and he took care of the sprawling garden as a volunteer. it was truly a labor of love for him and he was never paid a dime for t. he worked his hearts -- poured his heart into his work to create a clean, green and serene space that many in my nei
denied justice by the san francisco police department. a woman named laura gardner, not only refuse to do photograph my injuries or collect other evidence she gave me less than two minutes of her time and made me get out of her office and she is collecting a paycheck off of my dime. ms. keyser i want to ask you a question. is there such a thing as a little bit of a violent felony? is there such a thing as a little bit being dragged over a wooden fence? because that's what happened to me. i don't have a law degree like many of you do but i believe my constitutional right under the law has been violated because someone involved in this case got two days in court for allegations that were nowhere near what happened to me. i want to know why gina flores was given two days in court. i'm here to support reinstatement of ross mirkarimi. because we need his leadership yesterday. i want to ask a question perhaps to invoke a little bit of humor. i wonder who is the biggest liar, mayor edwin lee, the san francisco chronicle, or mitt romney. >> president chiu: next speaker please. >> hi. my nam
down san francisco. with a combined 73. the niners just could not find the end zone. eli manning. and one touchdown. 116 yds in the final score. with defense and field goals. we will be looking for more post-game interviews through the week. >> the man that was stabbed near candlestick park is expected to survive. the victim was standing near a group of friends. jamestown road when he was approached at 1:30 p.m. they started an argument with the victim and he was stabbed. he was taken to the hospital. the suspects were taken into custody. >> also two people are dead responding officers said that there were small and middle of it, and a female victim was taken to hospital where she later died. no arrests have been made. and a man was arrested and killed an east oakland. at the 5600 of hilton st. they found that a man lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead. no further reformation wa-no more information was provided to us. and how about getting uin update. >> a gorgeous day. and some areas of dense fog. keeping that in mind with mostly cloudy condit
for taking part in an unruly protest over the weekend in san francisco. me wearing black clothing allegedly blocked traffic -- people wearing black clothing allegedly blocked traffic and vandalized businesses in the afternoon. officers were hit by flares and paint and rocks. police believe some were involved in similar activity in the mission district earlier. >>> an "occupy" rally continues now in san jose. a small group has been camped out in front of san jose city hall since sunday afternoon. it's the first overnight protest since the "occupy" movement was evicted last year. members say they will stay there until noon today. >>> president barack obama comes back to san francisco today for his final bay area appearance before next month's election. the president spending the night in southern california in l.a. after an appearance before a roomful of stars last night and he used their performances to make light of his own in last week's debate. here he is. >> they just perform flawlessly night after night, uhm, i can't always say the same. [ laughter ] >> the president was referring to si
that could lead to the firing of undocumented employees. >>> san francisco's first target store is set to open wednesday at 4th and mission in san francisco. it will be 2/3 the size of other stores and offer smaller items. target also plans to open a second store in san francisco in 2013. >>> jerry hill is crying foul over a move by the public utilities commission to temporarily suspend hearing into the san bruno pipeline explosion. they filed a request for a month long halt to allow talks to get underway. he says a judge held a hearing this morning and decided on a week long postponement. he suggested pg&e is behind the request to try to chemodamaging testimony -- to keep damaging testimony out. >>> a report says doing business with two chinese equipment makers could pose a security threat to the united states. the report says that they have ties to the chinese government that has been suspected of fostering cyber security breaches in the united states. they employ 400 people. >>> if you are planning to fill up you might want to hold off till tomorrow. the over night change that could
powell. i've had a business in san francisco since 1972, right up the street on hayes and octavia. i've had the privilege of having great dignitaries from flute the country, throughout the city, throughout the state and through the world traveling. i've had the mayor -- in my place. not only that he invited me to stay here when the -- was here -- all over the world. but let me say this, i know mirkarimi. i do. and i've seen him talking to -- it might be inebriated, they might be high, might be low, whatever. but he never showed disrespect. when iiy3s opened my new restaurant on eddy and fillmore, mayor newsom, mayor brown, many other dignitaries was there. but they were therej mirkarimi was there every week, seeing what i needed done, seeing how things wereí/ ç going. and when i went through the problems that i had there, he didn't stay;ñn away. he was right there. so we have auÁsystem here. if we don't like what any of you are doing, we have a recall j"!5 let us recall. remember, he who casts thecaí first stone wi
's eve incident finally said i don't care what you call it, office. i don't think so5e2a. san francisco. i've been watching this#z÷ at h. i don't know who's drummed the table all night but it's hard to follow%zc this. i wish they'd stop. anyway, i came here, and it's hard to come heren;ñwó because i don't really believe in politics as it exists much anymore. seems like war is on the agenda whatever party you're in. the war against the poorm$ ÷ isn the agenda, whatever party you're in. the neighborhood ircgnp came thh to get here is ripe with crime. i wish the policeñom3 would get of their cars and walk the beat instead of riding around inhb%z circles and letting poom i know die on the sidewalks. i know them. i.+ see them die. i don't know all the answers to all this but i did come here becauseepé i love san francisco. and i want to be a part of thesl eloquent people who came -- i can't say anything better than any ofsk&ç them. they've all said their own minds, and i hope you all admire the domestic violence survivors who are brave against all this. but that's part of san franci
, resident of san francisco for many years. i've watchedr,7 the strange dem gory going on in the chronicle and the9q whipping up of the population towards some kind of lynching of ross mirkarimi for a longuÑ p time, and i have not been able to believe it. and here i am toc5oi speak to you briefly and urge you, please, all these people, including myself, i®j]w hear asking you to support the democratic process. there's much more at stake here thanu9- all the convolutions6 interpretation. there are independent voters making a decision and you know whwz law says, and you are notdqkz confused i don't believe, on what has to be done. so i wish youphxbz great deal of courage, and i hope you reinstate rossanf mirkarimi. >> hi.]qí72 my name is -- cayman, a resident of the2u richmond district. i wasn't going to speak until i heard someoneknfoy speak about the -- poll. i was polled by that poll. let me tell you about thattó poll. that was the most outrageous bsuhqw push-pull i have ever heard. before they asked a question
he stay or should he go. happening now san francisco's board of supervisors poised to vote on the future of san francisco's suspended sheriff. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the vote on suspended sheriff is coming to an end tonight finally. we begin with heather holmes who's been listening to the proceedings that are now on their 11th hour. >> reporter: frank i just came down from the second floor here at city hall and i can now tell you that we are minutes away from a decision in this headline grabbing case. right now each of the supervisors is stating on the record how he or she will vote. and right before i came down here it was one in favor of ousting ross mirkarimi, one against. all of this coming after supervisors heard from people and from attorneys on both sides of this case. >> the sheriff's misconduct was really quite serious. >> reporter: sherry kaiser told the supervisors tonight that their decision was easy. and that his guilty plea to misdemeanor. >> to protect victims of domestic violence. >> reporter: but mirkarimi's attorney di
the measure ofpzçh san francisco, the distt attorney, the city attorney, the nonprofit organizations who get paid by you know who, and they only toldstlv whatever they told you. san francisco chronicle also includes that. and]b many more malevzm'f lusn behind. trying to destroy a family by calling him a criminal, açeqc hitter, a abuser, don't make me believe that because he's not÷d criminal. let me tell you, you know who's the real criminal -- let me tell you who the real criminal is, who's the real liar, who is the real unethical person is. there's cases of abuse and police brutality. they even kill people and they still working, getting pay, with our tax dollars. there's cases where they lie under oath, and they still holding their job. so don't tell me because mr. mirkarimi grabbed his wife's arm in a familiar argument he's going to lose his job. so he needs to be reinstated. and let me tell you something. remember, what goes around comes around and you don't want this to happen to you or your family or anybody else. so thank you, and reinstate the sheriff, and god bless you all. >> p
at this hour. a train broke downs and stuck in the tube. bart says service in the san francisco has been halted and that train heading to the east bay are being delayed. we received some tweets in our news room from riders trying to get to the a's game. they say they are stuck on platforms waiting for trains. >>> and developing news out of the south bay where sheriff's deputies say a suspicious package has been found. monterey is closed and our news chopper 2 is live above the area right now. santa clara county bomb squad is on the scene and is investigating. traffic has been stopped in the areas and being evacuated. more information on this developing story as we receive it. >>> well, the san francisco giants are suddenly one win away from the national league championship series. the giants came out swinging in game four of their play off series with the cincinnati reds. angel set the tone with the home run to start the game. sand value made it a run away with a two run home run in the second. the giants pitching was helped by a strong relief effort. the final score here 8 to 3. the series is
tuesday, more than 700 people are expected to attend a public memorial at san francisco's city hall. and then two days later, the california symphony will day tribute to a concert in walnut creek. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco later today to raise money for his re- election campaign. the president will begin the day in the central valley to dead -- for a -- for a deadcation. a dinner hosted by alice waters and then a concert with john legend follows. republican presidential momny, mitt romney is expected to deliver a foreign policy speech today at the virginia institute. coming up at 7:15, the changes that he says he would make and the results of the latest gallup pole in gal -- gallup poll. allie rasmus is live -- >>> alley rasmus live at a pumpkin weighoff. off to our left, you can the stage where the pumpkins will be hoisted via forklift. >> reporter: the growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. last year's pumpkin weighed 17,000 pounds. the grower took home an $11,000 prize. we talked to some of the contestants and they said there's a lot of
past san francisco airport. we'll tell you when it's expected to wrap up coming up. >>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. >>> president barack obama is waking up this morning in san francisco. >> not going to be around very long, though. he is flying out of sfo early this morning. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is here in san francisco where the president has raised a lot of campaign cash. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was president obama's last fundraising blitz here in the bay area. but a successful one. he is expected to take home about $2 million to his campaign. now, crowds greeted president obama's arrival at sfo yesterday. at his events he told bay area supporters to get, quote, almost obsessive about his re- election. he attended two fundraisers a private $20,000 a plate dinner and a concert at the graham auditorium. the president asked supporters to help him finish what he started four years ago and mr. obama roused the crowd with his own big bird jokes. >> finally somebody is cracki
is spending the night in san francisco tonight after a star studded concert and speech. it was part of a fundraising trip across california. tickets for tonight went for $7,500. president obama used the venue to rev up support. >> the superpiece of governor romney is a tax cut for the welty. don't boo, vote -- wealthy. don't boo, vote. he stood up on stage, promised his tax cuts would include the top 1%. he promised this. most of the economickest who crunched the number said the plan would blow up the deficit or raise taxes on the middle class. one or the other. that is how math works. >> the visit brought out a few protesters and lots of supporters. kron 4's reggie kumar is live near the bill graham civic auditorium with more tonight. >> reporter: the president left bill graham civic auditorium an hour ago. he spoke 22 minutes. those who attended loved every minute of it. >> reporter: this is president obama leaving monday night's night's fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range from $22 to $100 which included a concert. >> he talked about his plans for the fut
territory of san francisco yesterday on a day when the poll up ins that were released don't look good for the president. pew research center found mitt romney is leading 49-45%. the first major poll taken since he debated mitt romney. the president's debate performance was widely criticized even by his supporters. some said they came out to support him in san francisco because of his debate performance. >> the debate, i thought if romney got elected and i hadn't done everything i could to help, i would never forgive . that's why i'm here today. -- >> reporter: the president is in town to raise money this is his sixth visit here this year. he told supporters he intends to win this election. his next stop is ohio, a swing state. he will be leaving this morning, this is between -- on howard between fourth and fifth he will be leaving after commute rush hour, after 9:00. you want to keep that in mind if you are going to be in this area. when his motorcade is on the move they shutdown several downtown blocks. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> when that does happen sue hall will be keeping us
afternoon. i'm corey campbell. ross mirkarimi has been reinstated as san francisco's sheriff. tara moriarty explains why he won't be back on the job for a few more jobs. >> reporter: good afternoon. he will be meeting privately with the interim sheriff and he will have meetings with her tomorrow and friday. and then on monday he will be back on the job. >> are those good eggs? >> yeah. >> you like those? >> yes. >> reporter: we caught up with the sheriff as he prepared to take his son to theo to school. >> we've had no sleep. we're lated. >> reporter: the board voted to reinstate ross mirkarimi. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the board needed nine supervisor votes to out of mirkarimi but there are only -- toast mirkarimi but there were -- to oust mirkarimi but there were only seven. his wife said justice was finally done. >> i have a message for naylor ed lee. [inaudible] >> reporter: lee suspended mirkarimi. >> i think it's outrageous. i think that the members that did not vote send a message that domestic violence is okay and that we don't take it seriously. >> reporter: campos says it's a tough
office, as the sheriff of the city and county%fr of san francisco. and that simply shows a continuing failurez/[. to underd the issue of domestic violence, to]@j understand the pivotal importance that this city's response to hisejáq domestic violence as sheriff carries. watching. and i think many are probably astounded by the notion that our normally progressive jurisdiction, our jurisdiction that usually reaches out to protect the victims, to protect the powerless are considering allowing a sheriff, and entertaining the notion that domestic violence does not relate to the duties of a chief law enforcement officer. it's important, i think, to remember that this misconduct is very significant. it is not just a mistake. it's not a mistake on december 31st. it's a crime. and it's a serious crime, with a serious sentence. >> president chiu: continue please. thank you. >> and the sheriff's -- that domestic violence doesn't matter when it's committed by a sheriff. he wants you to believe that the voters would have you remove a sheriff if he commits petty theft of office supplies, but not i
of san francisco who support every person who signed this petition there's another thousand who support him. they're biased, unscientific and don't represent8zñ the fact. everywhere i go people come up sheriff. everywhere he goes when he's out tell him how much they support him. people of san francisco support our sheriff. i'm not here to make an@m$jm emotional argument, i'm not here to enthusiastically create the great work ofahx him. i want you to decide this on the legal merits of the case because reenstate punishment no@? misconduct occurred. if the d.a../=( thought they wod prevail they would not have offered the plea. investigates or prosecutes dom he can2]: violence. he -- housing them. he can actually serven0>< as an excellent role model and example for successfulfv rehabilitation. i'm a dv survivor. make no mistake about it i do notfa consider this conviction o be valid, no crime was committed but oftentimes innocentd5zfv pee are compelled to plead a lesser charge to -- an erroneous conviction. ask everyone to please sit down or else i will ask deputy out of the room so we can
support the reinstatement of ross mirkarimi. i think that many people in san francisco understand the differences that this matter brings. eliana lopez is not someone who wanted help, who needed help, who needed the intervention of police departments. she can stand up for herself, every day. and she has a supporting husband who cares for her. she does not need the intervention. that is not for one moment to say that i believe that domestic violence is acceptable, and that is not for one moment ever to criticize the community that protect people who need it. i hopew"v$ that you members of e board of supervisors can be equally brave in-t" defending y rights as a voter to elect representatives who will serve my city. and i hope that you will also own lives when they are competent and powerful to do so.0z-sç @&c @&c"p%thank . >> president chiu: thank you. thank you. nextj[,z speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. and thank you for yourgp8u exceptional attention tonight. this is kind of a historicxb/m session. and thank you. my nameu)2
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